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Drain Clearing – DIY or Call a Plumber?

For a blocked drain, you need a drain-clearing expert to get rid of it fast. Our experts are trained to quickly diagnose the cause of tough blockages or clogs so they know how best to solve your problem.

Your drains are backed up and you’re in a hurry to get it fixed? We offer fast, efficient service that delivers the best customer care. Our plumbers are experts at drain clearing and can sort out any situation you have and leave your drains running clear and running fast!

We professionally clean all drains, including:

– All Drains
– Main Sewer Lines
– Floor Drains
– Kitchen Sinks
– Bathroom Sinks
– Toilets
– Urinals
– Utility Sinks
– Any Drain

Kitchen Clogs

You really don’t want to smell what’s coming out of your sink when you turn on the faucet. The most common causes of drain clogs in kitchen sinks are grease, oils and fats, as well as food items in garbage disposals.

If you want to keep your pipes clean and make sure that they stay fresh, then never put grease or food down them. Grease is the enemy of any pipe because it sticks so easily on their insides and turns into a sluggish, foul mess in time if not taken care of right away.

Professional plumbing is an effective way to clear clogs. However, if the pipes are full of heavy grease or sludge, our team can recommend a hydro jetter tool for drain clearing. This tool uses high-pressure water to dissolve years of buildup in the pipe and restore functionality with cleanliness from foul odors and rotting organic materials that cause bacterial growths.

Bathroom, Shower, and Tub Clogs

Soap and lotions from your bathroom could lead to a clog in the sink. But there are ways you can avoid this by using hot water after brushing teeth, being mindful of how many products you use at once, and even using smaller amounts of soap products.

If items accidentally fall into a drain line then those items can cause blockages. Drain clearing in these situations is important so be aware of whatever might fall into sinks so that overflow problems can be avoided. Toothpaste caps are the most common item found in drains, but other things such as hair ties or bobby pins could also get stuck down there. If you have a priceless object like jewelry inside your sink this would not be good for it at all – stop using water immediately if anything has fallen inside.

If items fall into the trap, our team can often retrieve them. Proper popup assembly should be installed to protect the drain and capture things before they enter the drain line.

Hair and oily products can cause clogs in showers and tubs. Pressure can be caused by excessive buildup in the line, eventually causing leaks and breaks. Hair should be cleaned from shower drains after showering and a small mesh strainer can help catch hair before going down the drain.

Toilet Clogs and Main Sewer Line Backups

A professional toilet auger will solve the problem when a toilet is clogged but other drains are not affected. If the showers and tubs are backing up or the toilet is bubbling, it indicates a larger issue that a professional should address.

Leaks can be caused by using a plunger with too much force as it weakens seals in the toilet.

Our team will use professional equipment to properly and safely clear the main sewer lines if the main sewer line is backing up. If roots are discovered in the line or it won’t clear, we may need to inspect the lines with a sewer camera to diagnose the cause. Drain clearing is very important in these instances as root damage is almost always progressively destructive.

To remove root intrusion and heavy scale buildup in your drain, hydro jetting may be used. This tool is a cost-effective solution. If the sewer line becomes damaged before you notice it, our camera inspection can view the cause of damage to help us provide permanent solutions for repair or replacement. We offer trenchless technology such as pipelining or pipe bursting that are more affordable than traditional methods like digging up yards and replacing pipes from time to time.

When you hire our team, you are hiring a professional plumbing team, not just a drain cleaner.

A team of experts, we have professionals who cover all aspects of plumbing like gas piping systems, water piping plumbing, and sewer systems. We are committed to providing the best quality of care with service and repairs in the Kansas City Metro and surrounding area.

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Honest and friendly service from all team members! I will use Poor John's Plumbing for all of my future plumbing needs.

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As always excellent work at a fair price

Very impressed! Responded quickly to my email inquiry, helped me make the correct choice of a replacement disposal which I purchased at Home Depot, provided me with a 1-2 hour appointment window, installer arrived right on time and was finished in one hour. Great service!

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These once again went above and beyond. We were scheduled days out and a cancelation happened. They called us immediately to see if we would take the spot. This team has great customer service and their employees are always polite and professional!

We have used Poor John’s plumbing multiple times over the last year. They have been easy to work with, reliable and reasonably priced. Hence the 5 stars.

Delightful! Shawn went out of his way to look for a part that didn’t come with the product I had and helped me to understand how it all worked. Great experience and service.

Plumbers are very thorough friendly and efficient.

I have used PJ for years for various home improvements. They are always excellent I wouldn't consider another plumber!

These guys are great! Honest, professional & reliable!

Rowdy did a FANTASTIC job! My dog had destroyed my outdoor pipe for my garden hose. I couldn't fix it, so I called Poor John's. Rowdy was on time, polite, communicated well, efficient, cleaned up after himself, and did a great job replacing/repair my pipe and shut-off valve. Would definitely use them again! Highly recommended!

I will definitely be working with Poor John’s for any plumbing needs. Everything was as easy as could be, the pricing is transparent and the work was great. Thank you to Jasmine and Shawn for all their help!

Very satisfied. Rowdy was friendly, courteous, professional and knowledgeable. He completed the mission promptly, explained to me what I needed to know along the way, and cleaned everything up afterwards. He also went to extraordinary efforts to keep the stairs and carpet pristine.

Rowdy was professional, kind and thorough. He also seemed honest and up-front. We will definitely use Poor John's again.

Shawn was on time and explained what he was doing and why it likely leaked. He was kind and courteous (took shoes off when asked).

Excellent work to install water line. Highly recommend.

Technician was extremely informative about install. Very honest with his answers to my questions. Rowdy did excellent professional work!

Poor John's Plumbing is wonderful to work with. We've worked with them over several years on nearly 100 properties. We highly recommend for their knowledge and expertise!

Replaced sewer line. R

We had the folks from Poor John's re-pipe our old (built in 1937) two-story home. This involved extensive work in the basement as well as the second floor. A fair amount of the kitchen ceiling had to be opened up too. Rowdy, our plumber, is a master with Pex Pipe and carefully went about his work. Each night, he cleaned up before leaving. When the job was done, he covered the holes in the kitchen ceiling so that bits of plaster would not fall into the food preparation area. And, most important there were no leaks afterward, and we have like-new water pressure on the second floor. We had this job bid several times, and Poor John's was the most reasonable. I can't recommend them highly enough.

John is great. Very responsive and quality work!